Hard Maple (Acer saccharum)


Hard maple is widespread and common across eastern North America. Also known a sugar maple, it is probably best known for the production of Maple syrup that is produced from the sap harvested from this tree in late winter.

The sapwood wood of hard maple is usually quite broad and very light beige in colour with some samples appearing to be almost white. The heartwood of hard maple is usually clearly demarcated from the sapwood and somewhat darker shades of beige or light brown. Hard maple is normally straight grained, although several distinct grain patterns are not uncommon and highly desirable. Curly, birds-eye and blister figure are regularly found in Hard maple.

As the name implies, the wood of hard maple is fairly hard and close grained, but it works, sands, and finishes well. The grain is too close for pigment stains to work well, but dyes can be effective and when applied properly can emphasize existing figure. Maple has long been a stable in North American cabinet work, hardwood floors and durable wooden products intended for indoor use. Bowling allies and butcher blocks are two uses where hard maple is used almost exclusively and are likely to be instantly recognizable to many people.

When exposed to the appropriate environmental conditions, hard maple will spalt (rot induced by fungus). If the spalting is caught before the wood becomes too soft to work, spalting can result in spectacular web-like patterns on the wood surface.

Also known as:
  • Sugar Maple
  • Rock Maple

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