Maple Ogee Platter - II


This platter is turned from hard maple and features a simple beaded rim on its upper surface and a pleasing ogee profile on the outside. While the wood is mostly straight grained, there are several small swirls and evens a little knot in the rim that provide plenty of character and interest, but do not distract from the overall appearance of the piece. The bottom of the platter features a turned ring that serves as a foot to lift the form from the surface it is sitting on. The recess inside the foot has been decorated with several concentric rings and a patterned flower serves as prof that the bottom was turned with as much care and attention to detail as the top. Finished with tung oil and buffed to a high sheen, this plate is ready to go to work in your kitchen serving bread, biscuits or cookies, or as decoration on your mantel.

Dimensions: 30 mm high x 366 mm wide

Weight: 601 g

Date Created: Dec. 8, 2019


Project Type: Platters and Plates

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