Spherical Walnut Box


This spherical box is turned from black walnut (Juglans nigra) and is absolutely mesmerizing to handle. It is turned out of a single piece of wood, producing an almost perfect grain match. The seam between the top and bottom is decorate with a very slight bevel. The wall thickness is about 5mm - producing a box that is much lighter than it appears, but not so thin that it is too delicate to handle. The box sits on a small pedestal made from nicely figured maple that contrasts nicely with the walnut but does not compete for your attention. The perfect place to keep your most precious jewellery or keepsakes, or just start conversations in your office.

Dimensions: 85 mm high x 77 mm wide

Weight: 52 g

Date Created: Sept. 1, 2019


Date Sold: Jan. 24, 2020

Project Type: Turned Boxes

Tags: sphere


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