Maple Bell Shaped Box with Curly Mallee inlay


This bell shaped box is turned from a piece of hard maple (Acer saccharum) and features a pair of delicate beads where the lid meets the base. This box also features an inlay of curly red mallee (Eucalyptus oleosa and E. socialis) that was completed using Chris Stott's window technique so it visible on the inside of the lid too. Texturing has been applied the bottom of the box to provide a little surprise when the box is handled. A lacquer finish has been applied to this box to provide protection and enhance the natural depth of the wood. Finished with lacquer and buffed to a semi-gloss sheen, this box is a pleasure to handle and it the perfect place to keep those special ear rings, cuff links or other precious keepsakes. This is an heirloom quality box that will be in your family for generations.

Dimensions: 59 mm high x 67 mm wide

Weight: 55 g

Date Created: Nov. 6, 2022


Project Type: Turned Boxes

Tags: inlay


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