Spalted Maple Snack Bowl - 1


This medium sized bowl is one of three turned from the same piece of spalted hard maple. The wood has some subtle figure, but the real feature is the dramatic spalting lines that make this piece truly unique. The outside of the bowl features a classic ogee curve while the inside boasts a simple inward sloping rim that really lets the wood shine. The bottom of the bowl features a simple foot that is turned to look like a ring applied to the bowl after the rest of the bowl was completed. Finished with a simple, yet durable tung oil fishing and buffed to a high lustre, this is the perfect bowl for serving candy or popcorn on movie night.

Dimensions: 50 mm high x 200 mm wide

Weight: 166 g

Date Created: Jan. 5, 2020

Status: Buy it on Etsy!

Project Type: Bowls

Tags: spalted


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