What this site is about

Boxes, Bowls and More is a website I built to showcase some of my recent projects and the materials they are made from. New projects are added as they are created, so check back every month or two to see what is new.

Who am I?

Like most woodturners, I started out as a 'flat' wood worker making rectilinear furniture and cabinets. I originally purchased a small lathe to turn custom knobs or turnings to dress up my furniture. In reality, I turned little more than a bunch of file handles on that little lathe, and didn't really like turning all that much. In 2012 (or so) I had an opportunity to by an old Wadkin BLZ spindle lathe. The Wadkin needed a tonne of TLC to get it working again, needed a custom spindle adapter to work with modern chucks and faceplates, and was a little rough around the edges. Despite it's short comings, the Wadkin was a great lathe. It got me hooked me on turning and I spent countless afternoons cutting through the bottom of bowls and boxes, but actually making very little of value. Since then, I purchased a bench-top Vicmac VL300 and cobbled together a base, motor, and VFD.

Inspired by turners such as Richard Raffan, Chris Stott, Ray Key, and Mike Stafford, I like to turn boxes most of the time. There is just something about the blend of form, precision, and the element of risk that I really like. No two boxes are ever the same, and none are truly safe until they are completely done and off the lathe. Although I turn boxes most often, I regularly turn all sorts of things from pens to platters. Recently, I have turned a bunch a Christmas ornaments and even a couple femispheres.

When I'm not turning, my time is spent at my (real) job as a Quantitative Fisheries Ecologist for the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources or coaching my daughters' soccer team(s).