Maple Bowl in a Burl


This small, round bottomed bowl was turned from a hard maple (Acer saccharum) burl. The bowl was turned in a manner that presevered the natural edge of the burl on wings that emerge from just below the rim. The natural edge of the burl provide an unmistakable organic feel to the piece. The burl figure radiates out on the wings of the bowl almost waves on pond. A couple of inclusions from the outside of the burl pierce the interior of the bowl providing even more visual interest. Finished with Danish oil and buffed to a pleasant sheen, the bowl feels even better than it looks. Perfect as a decoration on its own, or put to work as a candy dish or key holder at your front door, this bowl will only get better with time.

Dimensions: 56 mm high x 275 mm wide

Weight: 176 g

Date Created: Jan. 7, 2023


Project Type: Bowls

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