Walnut Yarn Bowl with Curly Maple Rim


This round bottomed yarn bowl is turned from a nice piece of black walnut and features a rim of curly hard maple. The form is almost spherical and slightly enclosed so that it will nestle in your lap or on the chair beside you while ensuring that the yarn ball remains contained. The bowl itself has enough wall thickness to with stand everyday use and stay in place during use, but is not heavy or clunky. As a yarn bowl, it features a J-shaped cut-out on one side to provide a convenient constraint or capture point for the yarn to feed from. Finished with Danish oil and then buffed to a pleasant shine, this bowl feels as good as it looks and just begs to be picked up and handled.

Dimensions: 103 mm high x 143 mm wide

Weight: 243 g

Date Created: Jan. 8, 2023


Project Type: Bowls

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