Dyed Blue Ash Urn


This hollow form it turned from a nicely figured piece of white ash (Fraxinus americana). It has been double dyed to really accentuate the beauty and depth of the grain - first purple, and then royal blue. After the dye, the body was coated with several coats of high gloss lacquer. A bow-tie 'butterfly' patch made from walnut has been inlaid across a superficial crack and adds additional interest. This hollow form features an ebonized maple finial that is elegant yet understated. The lid is attached to the hollow form using threads cut directly into the wood. Texture on the bottom of both the lid and the inside of the lid provide a little surprise when hollow form is handled or opened.

Dimensions: 140 mm high x 101 mm wide

Weight: 138 g

Date Created: July 26, 2022


Project Type: Urns and Hollow Forms

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