Spalted Maple Calibash Bowl 2


This calibash style bowl is turned from a spectacularly spalted piece of hard maple (Acer saccharum). The bowl features an inward sloping rim and slight undercut that provides a natural hand-hold. the bowl also features a base that is wide enough to provide stability without detracting from the overall form of the bowl. Finished with a food-safe walnut oil finish that really pops the figure while still providing that 'in-the-wood' feel and protection, this bowl is ready to go to work in your kitchen. An heirloom quality bowl that will be in your family for generations.

Dimensions: 115 mm high x 280 mm wide

Weight: 551 g

Date Created: Nov. 14, 2020


Date Sold: June 11, 2021

Project Type: Bowls

Tags: spalting


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