Workshop Yarn Bowl Trio


This trio of bowls were turned as part of a workshop on making yarn bowls held in January 2024 at Intersections Wood Collaborative. The spalted maple bowl was turned to completion from a green piece of wood and has subsequent moved and distorted to a pleasant organic form that is definitely not round. The second yarn bowls was turned from a nicely figured piece of white ash and features a laminated ring of walnut that provides a nice contrast between the two different types of wood. Third bowl isn't yarn bowl but was used to demonstrate how aniline dyes can be used to highlight curly figure. All of the pieces are finished with Polymerized tung oils, and feel as good as they look.

Dimensions: 89 mm high x 155 mm wide

Weight: 190 g

Date Created: Feb. 10, 2024


Date Sold: Feb. 11, 2024

Project Type: Bowls

Tags: yarn bowl , aniline dye


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