Spalted Curly Maple Box


This box is turned from a piece of spalted curly maple that was destined for the fire place. As a result, it has a small number of checks and cracks that have been stabilized with CA glue and ultimately add to the character of the piece. The wood itself has the rich caramel colour of maple heartwood that contrasts nicely with the white spalting on the sapwood side. The subtle curl provide adds additional visual interest. The top features a simple cove around the edge and the top is separated from the base by a pair of small beads. Embossed pin-wheel flowers on the bottom of the base and the under side of the lid provide a little surprise when the box is handled.

Dimensions: 62 mm high x 58 mm wide

Weight: 42 g

Date Created: Jan. 2, 2018


Project Type: Turned Boxes

Tags: spalted , culry


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