Classic Box in Curly Maple with Beaded Lid


This box is turned from a highly figured piece of hard maple that features some spalting, some small bark inclusions and some wild figure. The form is itself is a classic shape that really accentuates the beauty of the wood. A bead on the top lid provides some visual interest and a second bead at the bottom of the lid provides decoration where the lid joins the base. Texturing on both the bottom of the box and the underside of the lid provide a little surprise when the box is handled or opened. Finished with Tung oil and buffed to a high gloss, this box feels as good as it looks.

Dimensions: 78 mm high x 72 mm wide

Weight: 60 g

Date Created: March 14, 2020


Date Sold: May 3, 2020

Project Type: Turned Boxes

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