Black Cherry (Prunus serotina)


One of North America's premiere cabinet woods, cherry has long been a favorite of woodworkers, cabinet makers and turners. Cherry is close grained, easy to work, and about as hard as soft maple. Cherry is known for is deep, orange-red colour that the heart wood develops with age. The true colour and depth of aged cherry cannot be replicated by any stain or dye. The colour of fresh cut cherry however is leaves a lot to be desired, often taking on a pale, washed out salmon or pink colour. Luckily this colour changes fairly quickly with exposure to light. The sap wood of cherry is off-white and clearly demarcated from the heartwood, especially after exposure to day light for a day or two. Although sap wood is usually eliminated from cherry planks and blanks, when used carefully, a little sapwood can add considerably to a project. This is especially true for turned bowls and boxes.

Cherry works and finishes well, and looks good just as good with an 'in the wood' as it does under a film finish. To get the best of both worlds, a film finish over a well cured oil will produce a finish with exceptional depth and chatoyance that only gets better with age.

Also known as:
  • cherry
  • American cherry

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