10" Cherry Bowl


This simple bowl is turned from a very nice piece of black cherry that has considerable character. The wood features a small bark inclusion on the outside of the bowl. The rippled wood around the inclusion is visible on both the inside and outside of the bowl and almost shimmers in the light. A small crack associated with the inclusion has been filled and decorated with copper colored epoxy. The simple, unadorned form really lets the wood speak for itself, it is perfect for snacks, popcorn or fruit. This bowl features a simple in-turned and undercut rim with a subtle reverse cove on the outside that provides the perfect hand-hold when you pick it up. The bottom has been turned and decorated with a several concentric rings that provide a little surprise when the bowl is handled and show that it was turned and finished with as much attention to detail as the rest of the bowl. Finished with a food safe, linseed oil and buffed to a warm, pleasant sheet, the appearance and feel of this bowl will only get better with time.

Dimensions: 100 mm high x 255 mm wide

Weight: 362 g

Date Created: Feb. 20, 2021


Date Sold: May 1, 2022

Project Type: Bowls

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