Cherry Plate with Feather Figure


This plate is turned from black cherry and features a some stunning crotch figure on one half. The top of the plate feature a simple, unadorned rim that lets the figure of the wood show, while the bottom profile is a simple, yet pleasant ogee curve. A small foot with a coved edge provides a little lift to entire piece. The bottom is turned with several concentric rings and an elegant patterned flower prove that the bottom was turned with as much care and attention to detail as the top. Finished with a food save linseed oil based finished, this plate is ready to go to work in your kitchen serving bread, biscuits or cookies, or as decoration on your mantel. This plate has already started to develop some of the patina that cherry is famous for, and it will only get better with age.

Dimensions: 37 mm high x 292 mm wide

Weight: 422 g

Date Created: Dec. 14, 2019


Project Type: Platters and Plates

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