Cherry River Plate


This square plate is turned from a beautiful piece of cherry that features a crotch and associated figure. The square turned profile means that corners appear to flare upward following the curved shape turned on the lathe. The gap in the crotch (where the two trunks split) has been filled with blue epoxy. The figure in the wood is exceptional, with an almost three dimensional aspect that becomes even more interesting the closer you look. A little sapwood on two of the edges provides a little additional interest. The bottom is finished with a subtle base and several concentric rings. Finished with a food safe, linseed oil based finish, this plate has already developed some of the deep patina that cherry is so treasured for and it will only get better with age.

Dimensions: 24 mm high x 279 mm wide

Weight: 124 g

Date Created: Dec. 8, 2019


Project Type: Platters and Plates

Tags: epoxy


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