Green Turned Cherry Popcorn Bowl


This round bottomed bowl was green turned to a uniform thickness of a little over 1/4" and allowed to dry. During the drying process, it warped and moved to its final shape which has a pleasant organic feel and distinct undulations in the rim. The form self is a simple rounded bottom bowl with a slightly enclosed rim. The rim slopes inward slightly, but the bowl is otherwise unadorned. Fairly large patches of sapwood remain on the bowl and add considerable additional interest. Finished with a food safe, linseed oil and buffed to a warm, pleasant sheen, the appearance and feel of this bowl will only get better with time. This bowl is perfect for snacks, popcorn or fruit and is ready to go to work in your kitchen.

Dimensions: 80 mm high x 225 mm wide

Weight: 340 g

Date Created: Oct. 22, 2022


Date Sold: Feb. 12, 2023

Project Type: Bowls

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