Cherry Hourglass with Spalted Beech Inlay


This hourglass shaped box is turned from Black Cherry(Prunus serotina) and features an inlay of spalted Beech(Fagus grandifolia). The inlay is a window inlay, meaning that it is visible on the inside too. A delicate bead frames the inlay both the inside and outside surfaces. A small kerf decorates the seam between the lid and the base. Texturing on the base and the bottom the inside provide a little surprise when the box is handled or opened. The box is finished with a varnish oil blend and buffed to a pleasant sheen. Because the box is made from cherry, it will darken over time and look better and better.

Dimensions: 72 mm high x 60 mm wide

Weight: 61 g

Date Created: May 31, 2020


Date Sold: June 26, 2020

Project Type: Turned Boxes

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