Black Cherry and Bigleaf Maple Stafford Box


This classic shaped box is turned from a piece of Black Cherry (Prunus seritonia) which and features an inlay of Big Leaf Maple (Acer macrophyllum) burl that was completed using Chris Stott's window technique so it visible on the inside of the lid too. A delicate bead and a textured ring frames the inlay on the top of the box. A simple bead decorates the seam between the lid and base, and texturing has been applied the bottom of the box to provide a little surprise when the box is handled. A lacquer finish has been applied to this box to provide protection and enhance the natural depth of the wood. The finish has been buffed to a pleasant shine, but still gives it a natural wood feeling. This box is the perfect place to keep your most precious earrings, cuff links or other keepsakes.

Dimensions: 58 mm high x 74 mm wide

Weight: 48 g

Date Created: Nov. 20, 2022


Date Sold: Sept. 21, 2023

Project Type: Turned Boxes

Tags: inlay


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