Cherry Salt Shaker


This little salt shaker is turned from black cherry and is based on a design published by Chris West. It has no grinding mechanism so it will never wear out, but instead has an inverted funnel glued into the bottom. A quick vertical shake will cause the salt in the shaker to bounce off if its domed roof and out through the small hole in the inverted funnel. Only a small amount the salt escapes on any one shake, making it easy to meter out exactly the right amount. When it is time to fill it again, simply turn it over and fill it from the bottom, the salt will run right through the funnel and into the salt chamber. Turned from cherry and finished with a food safe linseed oil, this salt shaker has already started to develop some of the patina that cherry is famous for, and it will only get better with age.

Dimensions: 87 mm high x 57 mm wide

Weight: 76 g

Date Created: Oct. 20, 2019

Status: Buy it on Etsy!

Project Type: Salt and Pepper Mills

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