Small Natural Edge Cherry Bowl


This delicate little bowl was turned from a nice piece of cherry (Prunus seritonia) that was harvested in the winter and turned immediately. Harvesting in the winter ensures that the bark will remain intact while turning shortly after the tree was felled ensure that the sapwood will remain as light as possible. This bowl was turned fairly thin (about 1/8" or 2 mm) and is very delicate, but not fragile. The form is a simple pleasing curve that really lets the beauty of the wood show through. Finished with Danish oil and buffed to a pleasant sheen, the bowl feels even better than it. Perfect as a decoration on its own, or put to work as a candy dish or key holder at your front door, this bowl will only get better with time

Dimensions: 47 mm high x 210 mm wide

Weight: 75 g

Date Created: May 29, 2022


Date Sold: Dec. 18, 2022

Project Type: Bowls

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