7" Blue Cherry Root Snack Bowl


This small, snack sized bowl was turned from black cherry (Prunus serotina) root and features a textured ring about three quarters of the way up the form. The outside of the bowl has been painted with two coats of blue milk paint that was sanded back slightly and feels almost like porcelain. The bottom of the bowl has been textured with a delicate medallion demonstrating that the bottom was turned with as much attention to detail as the rest of the bowl. Finished with several coats of tung oil and then buffed to a pleasant sheen, this bowl is ready to go to work in your kitchen or your dining room table as an everyday cereal or snack bowl.

Dimensions: 50 mm high x 173 mm wide

Weight: 146 g

Date Created: July 23, 2023


Date Sold: July 30, 2023

Project Type: Bowls

Tags: paint , milk


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