White Ash (Fraxinus americana)


White ash were once a major component of many hardwood forests and city neighbourhoods across eastern North America. Invasion of the emerald ash borer has killed hundreds of thousands of ash trees. While as wood and lumber are currently available in abundance, this is unlikely to be the case for much longer.

White ash wood is generally a light blonde colour, although the heart wood is usually a pleasant medium brown colour. Open grained, hard and heavy, ash looks like light coloured oak, although the rays are never visible on quarter sawn surfaces. Ash has long been a favourite word for indoor applications where strength and durability are important. Many people will likely recognize ash as the wood used to make most wooden baseball bats and tool handle for hammers and garden implements. Ash also responds well to steam bending and is often used in furniture requiring complex, compound curves.

Most ash is moderately fine in texture and straight grained, although curly figure is not uncommon. Crotches, formed by a V in the trunk or at the junction of large branches often form vibrant feather-like figure.

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