14 3/4" Sage Painted Ash Salad Bowl


This 14" salad bowl was turned from a piece of white ash (Fraxinus americana) that had been killed by the emerald ash borer. The most striking feature of this particular bowl is the rich sage milk paint that has been applied to the outer surface. Milk paints provide a durable, food safe, wonderfully tactile surface that still lets the grain of the wood telegraph through the finished piece. The form from itself is fairly simple, hemishperical shape with a single bead near the rim that provide some visual interest. The rim is crisply cut and slopes inwards to the interior of the bowl which has been undercut slightly to provide additional visual depth. The bottom of the bowl features a subtle foot that lifts the form off the surface that it is resting on, and has been decorated with some texture and several concentric rings demonstrating that the bottom was turned with as much care as the rest of the bowl. Finished with several coats of Tung oil and allowed to fully cure, this bowl is ready to go to work in your kitchen for years to come.

Dimensions: 77 mm high x 375 mm wide

Weight: 738 g

Date Created: Oct. 1, 2023


Date Sold: Oct. 8, 2023

Project Type: Bowls

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