Ash and Walnut Yarn Bowl


This elegant yarn bowl was turned from a piece of white ash and features a laminated ring of walnut that provides a nice contrast between the two different types of wood. The form itself is simple, and unsophisticated, but feels so good in the hand. The enclosed rim ensures that your yarn ball remains contained when you draw the yarn out through the graceful 'J' shaped slot in use. The bottom of the bowl does not have a foot, but has been decorated with a textured ring, demonstrating that the bottom was turned with as much attention to detail and care as the rest of the piece. Finished with polymerized Tung oil, this bowl feels as good as it looks and will only get better with time.

Dimensions: 95 mm high x 160 mm wide

Weight: 240 g

Date Created: Jan. 20, 2024


Date Sold: March 31, 2024

Project Type: Bowls

Tags: yarn , bowl


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