Curly Ash Serving Platter


This serving platter is turned from white ash (Fraxinus americana), one of North America's most durable, and attractive hardwoods. This particular piece of ash features considerable curly that shimmers when it is handled and viewed from different angles. The platter features a delicate, raised bead between the profiled rim and the bowl. The outside of profile of the platter is a classic ogee ("S") shape, and a subtle foot at the base gives the form a little visual lift when it is sitting on a table or counter. The bottom features several concentric textured rings that demonstrate that the bottom was turned with as much care and attention as the rest of the plate. Finished with a food safe linseed oil and bees wax finish and then buffed to a pleasing satin sheen, this platter is ready to go to work in your kitchen or dining room.

Dimensions: 40 mm high x 287 mm wide

Weight: 362 g

Date Created: Aug. 19, 2022


Date Sold: April 1, 2024

Project Type: Platters and Plates

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