14.25" Olive Ash Salad Bowl


This 14.25" salad bowl was turned from a beautiful piece of white ash that is full of character. Most of the bowl is darker heart wood, although there is a considerable amount of creamy sapwood, that provides a ton of visual interest. Ash with this coloration is often referred as Olive Ash as it resembles the wood of the Olive tree. A bark inclusion on one side of the rime that has been stabilized and filled with epoxy provides even more character. The form itself is fairly simple to showcase the beauty and colour of the wood. This bowl features an inward sloping rim and with an undercut that provides a subtle shadow line and adds visual depth to the piece. The bottom of the bowl features a ring foot that provides a little visual little to the piece and ensures that it will sit flat on a flat surface without rocking or spinning. The very bottom of the bowl has been decorated with some concentric, textured rings that demonstrated that the bottom was turned with as much care as the rest of the bowl. Finished with Tung oil and then buffed to a pleasant satin sheen, this bowls feels as good as it looks and will only get better with time.

Dimensions: 85 mm high x 360 mm wide

Weight: 425 g

Date Created: Oct. 7, 2023


Project Type: Bowls

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