White Ash Crotch Hollow Form 2


This elegant hollow form is turned from a nicely figured piece of white ash (Fraxinus americana). The walls of this hollow form have been turned thin to give it a light, delicate feel, but not so thin as to be fragile. The wood itself is from a crotch in the tree, which produces beautiful curls and shimmer. The contrast between the lighter sapwood and darker heartwood provide additional interest. The interior of the form is unfinished, and only lightly sanded, leaving a subtle, undulating surface from the hollowing tools. The bottom of the hollow form has been turned and decorated with a texture to provide a little surprise when handled. Finished with Tung oil and buffed to a pleasant gloss, the finish enhances the wood's beauty while still providing that unmistakable feel of wood. The perfect form to decorate your shelf or hold dry flowers on your dining room table

Dimensions: 95 mm high x 103 mm wide

Weight: 72 g

Date Created: Sept. 12, 2020


Date Sold: Feb. 16, 2021

Project Type: Urns and Hollow Forms

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