15.5" Ash Crotch Platter


This 15.5" platter was turned from a nicely figured piece of white ash (Fraxinus americana). The feather like figure is characteristic of wood from a crotch in the tree where two large branches met and is simply mesmerizing. The form is intentionally simple so that it does not distract from the figure in the wood. The top surface is inward sloping with a small step that delineates the rim from the patter's interior while the back of the platter features a ogee curve and a small foot that raises the form off of the surface that it sits on. The interior of the foot has been decorated with several concentric rings that serves to illustrate that the bottom was turned with as much attention and care as the rest of the piece. Three walnut butterfly patches have been applied across a couple of hairline crack that developed during the drying process, but will not effect the utility of the platter. This piece has been finished with several coats of Polymerized Tung oils and is ready to go to work in your kitchen.

Dimensions: 40 mm high x 394 mm wide

Weight: 799 g

Date Created: Feb. 19, 2024


Date Sold: March 31, 2024

Project Type: Platters and Plates

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