Blue Curly Ash Bowl


This 8.5" bowl is turned from a nicely figured piece of white ash (Fraxinus americana) that has been dyed blue and coated with lacquer to enhance the natural chatoyance and depth of the curl. The form itself is fairly simple, curving upward from the base on the outside with a simple unadorned rim on the top. The interior of bowl is undercut and left the natural colour of the ash. The undercut provides a nice shadow line on the form, and the natural wood colour provides a nice contrast to the intensity of the dye. The bottom of the bowl is also natural in colour and has been textured to show that it really has been turned and provide a little additional interest when the bowl is handled.

Dimensions: 41 mm high x 212 mm wide

Weight: 197 g

Date Created: July 10, 2022


Project Type: Bowls

Tags: dye


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