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Some Recent Projects

Cherry Bowl

This cherry bowl is perfect for serving snacks or greens. It features a slight cove ...

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Walnut Femisphere

This femishpere was turned from a single walnut cube. Unlike most however, the two halves ...

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Hemispherical Cherry Bowl

This bowl is perfect for popcorn or other snacks. Its out side profile is hemispherical ...

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Walnut with curly maple inlay

This box is turned from a straight grain piece of walnut and has an exceptionally ...

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Classic Box Apple

This is a classic form turned in spalted apple. The wood came from an ornamental ...

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Curly Maple Classic Box

This is a classic, heart shaped from turned from curly and spalted hard maple. The ...

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Round Bottom Walnut Box

This is a delicate, round bottomed box in black walnut. It features a slightly domed ...

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'Jupiter' Walnut Round Bottom Box

This traditional, round bottom box in walnut has a couple of unique 'features' that weren't ...

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Maple and Walnut Coolie Box

This is a coolie style box in spalted, stabilized maple with a walnut lid. The ...

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Round Bottom Cherry Box

This is a traditional style, round bottomed box turned from exceptionally tight grained cherry. It ...

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Yellow Birch Timpani Box

A simple, yet elegant box turned from the heartwood of yellow birch. This box features ...

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Cherry Femisphere

This is a cherry femishpere ("The femisphere is a solid that has one single surface, ...

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