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Some Recent Projects

Soft Maple Timpani Box

The form of this box in curly soft maple was inspired by that of timpani ...

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Traditional Honey Locust Box

This traditional style box is turned from tight grained honey locust with a small amount ...

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Traditional Round bottom Ailanthus Box

This classic form is turned from straight grained Ailanthus. Often considered an invasive species outside ...

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Plum Capsule Box

This simple capsule box is turned from stabilize, spalted plum. A simple, classic form that ...

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Canarywood Ringbox

This is a delicate ring box with four different textured patterns. The texturing on the ...

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Chechen Coolie Box

This is a delicate coolie style box that features a suction fit lit and texturing ...

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Spalted Curly Maple Box

This box is turned from a piece of spalted curly maple that was destined for ...

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Traditional Box Stabilized Spalted Maple

This a traditional styled box turned from stabilized spalted maple. The has beautiful figure and ...

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Traditional box in Stabilized Maple and Alumilite

This traditional style box is turned from stabalized spalted maple and purple alumilite resin. The ...

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Christmas 2017 Platters

This is a collection of cherry platters that were made for friend and family for ...

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Purpleheart Ring Box

This is a classic ring box in purpleheart. The wood is hard and straight grained ...

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Spaled Birch Candy Dish

This is a simple little bowl turned from a spectacular piece of spalted birch. Perfect ...

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