Purpleheart Onion-top Finial Box


This onion shaped ring box is turned from Purpleheart purple heart (Peltogyne spp.). The box features a delicate, simple finial topped with an onion shaped flame. Texturing on the bottom of the box and an inset gem stone on the underside of the lid provide a little surprise when the box is opened or handled. The box is turned from a single piece of wood to ensure a perfect grain match between the base and the lid. The lid fits snugly, and opens with a satisfying 'pop'. Finished with a simple lacquer finish and buffed to a high gloss This box is a pleasure to view and hold, and is the perfect place to keep your rings over night.

Dimensions: 105 mm high x 52 mm wide

Weight: 23 g

Date Created: Oct. 9, 2022


Project Type: Turned Boxes

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