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Some Recent Projects

Medium Cherry Bowl

This black cherry bowl features a decorative cove on the outside rim and a very ...

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Ash Offset with Thuya Burl Inaly

This white ash box features a lid that was turned on an offset axis. This ...

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Apple Offset with Inlay

This apple wood box features an offset turned lid with amboyna burl inlay framed by ...

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Maple Offset with Black Palm Inlay

This maple box features some darker heart wood an offset lid with an inlay of ...

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Red Maple Marcolongo Box

This box is turned in curly soft maple and features an offset lid with an ...

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Silver Maple Marcolongo Box

This box is turned from an exceptionally curly piece of silver maple and features an ...

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Classic Box in Quina

This classic shaped box in quina features a domed lid with a subtle ogee profile. ...

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Walnut Offset with Inlay

This walnut box features an offset lid that is highlighted with a burl inlay. The ...

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Jobillo Round Bottom Box

This round bottomed box in Jobillo lets the beauty of the wood to all of ...

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Shop-made offset screw chucks

Here is a picture of the screw chucks that I made to turn off-center and ...

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Nested Curly Ash Bowls

This pair of nested bowl were turned from the same piece of curly ash and ...

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Purple Apple Hybrid Box

This little classic form hybrid box is turned out of apple wood and deep violet ...

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