Spalted Elm Timpani Shaped Box


This elegant box is turned from a nicely spalted piece of American elm (Ulmus americana) that has been stabilized with a vacuum infused resin that allowed it to be turned to its current form. The shape itself is reminiscent of a Timpani Drum - cylindrical sides with a rounded bottom. The exterior of lid is recessed below the rim which features a subtle bead. The joint between lid and the base has been softened with a subtle chamfer that ensures that there are no sharp edges. Texture on the bottom and underside of the lid provide a little surprise when the box is opened or handled. Finished with lacquer and buffed to a semi-gloss sheen, this box is a pleasure to handle and it the perfect place to keep those special ear rings, cuff links or other precious keepsakes. This is an heirloom quality box that will be in your family for generations.

Dimensions: 62 mm high x 73 mm wide

Weight: 101 g

Date Created: Aug. 6, 2022


Project Type: Turned Boxes

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