Siberian Elm Hollow Form


This elegant hollow form was turned from a nice piece of Siberian elm (Ulmus pumila). This particular piece of wood and features a broad patch of sapwood that has been centered around the opening and contrasts with the darker heartwood that form the bulk of the piece. This hollow form was turned from green (i.e. wet) wood and allowed to dry to is final form and shape. As a result, it has a distinct oval shape that is mostly evident when viewed from above. This hollow form has been turned fairly thin, and is light and delicate to the touch and a pleasure to hold. The interior of the form is only lightly sanded, leaving an slightly undulating surface from the hollowing tools. The bottom of the hollow form has been slightly dished to ensure that it will sit on a flat surface without rocking. Finished with Danish oil and buffed to a pleasant gloss, the finish enhances the wood and the subtle details while still providing that unmistakable feel of wood. The perfect form to decorate your shelf or hold dry flowers on your dining room table.

This vase is for decorative purposes and is not intended for food, drink, or liquid of any kind.

Dimensions: 113 mm high x 190 mm wide

Weight: 284 g

Date Created: April 17, 2022

Status: Buy it on Etsy!

Project Type: Urns and Hollow Forms

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