Natural Edge Siberian Elm Bowl


This decorative bowl is turned from Siberian Elm (Ulmus pumila) and features a natural bark edge. The wood itself has all kinds of character with a distinct difference between light sapwood and the darker heartwood in the bottom of the bowl and several rows of black dots along a couple of the growth rings that are usual the result of wood peckers foraging on the tree at sometime in it's past. This bowl was turned to finish form and thickness and then allowed to dry so it has warped a little which provides additional interest and an unmistakable organic feel. The form itself is round bottomed without a distinct foot and features a slightly enclosed rim. Finished with Danish oil and then buffed to a pleasant shine, this bowl feels as good as it looks and just begs to be picked up and handled.

Dimensions: 140 mm high x 205 mm wide

Weight: 317 g

Date Created: April 12, 2022


Date Sold: April 1, 2023

Project Type: Bowls

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