Silver Maple (Acer saccharinum)


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Some recent projects made from Silver Maple:

    Classic Box in Spalted Silver Maple

    10" Sage Painted Bead Rim Calabash

    Large Ambrosia Maple Bowl

    Sage Painted Ambrosia Maple Bowl

    11" Ambrosia Maple Calabash Salad Bowl

    10.5" Ambrosia Maple Calibash Bowl

    Natural Edge Ambrosia Maple Bowl

    14.5" Abrosia Maple Salad Bowl

    12.75" Ambrosia Maple Salad Bowl

    13" Ambrosia Maple Salad Bowl

    Pair Striped Curly Maple and Cherry Bowls

    Curly Silver Maple Clam Shell Box

    Spalted Curly Maple Mosque Box

    Spalted Ambrosia Maple Snack Bowl 1

    Spalted Ambrosia Maple Snack Bowl 2

    11.75" Ambrosia Maple Platter

    11" Ambrosia Maple Bowl with Beads

    Figured Soft Maple Hollow Form

    Curly Silver Maple with Black Cherry Inset Lid

    Stabilized Curly Silver Maple Stafford Box

    Ambrosia Maple Classic Box

    Curly Silver Maple with Applewood Inset Lid

    10.5" Ambrosia Maple Bowl

    13" Ambrosia Maple Bowl

    Softmaple Crotch Hollowform - 3

    Softmaple Crotch Hollow Form - 1

    Softmaple Crotch Hollow Form - 2

    Curly Silver Maple Traditional Box