Large Ambrosia Maple Bowl


This 16.5" salad or fruit bowl was turned from a nice piece of soft maple (Acer saccharinum) that features beautifully contrasting dark heart wood and creamy white sapwood, all of which has been further enhanced by "Ambrosia" stripes - which are the remnants of Ambrosia beetles boring into the living tree. The form itself is simple but pleasant. The outside profile is a simple curve that features a pair of beads near the rim. The outer edge of the rim has been soften to eliminate any hard sharp edges, while the top of the rim is inward sloping towards the interior of bowl. The inside is undercut to provide another shadow line and visual depth the piece. A subtle foot at the base gives the form a little visual lift when it is sitting on a table or counter. The bottom features several concentric textured rings that demonstrate that the bottom was turned with as much care and attention as the rest of the plate. Finished with several coats of Tung oil and then buffed to a pleasing satin sheen, this bowl is ready to go to work in your kitchen or dining room.

Dimensions: 75 mm high x 420 mm wide

Weight: 721 g

Date Created: Oct. 7, 2023


Project Type: Bowls

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