Yellow Cedar (burl) (Cupressus nootkatensis)


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Also known as:
  • Alaskan Yellow Cedar
  • Nootka

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Some recent projects made from Yellow Cedar (burl):

    Quina bell shaped box with yellow cedar inlay

    Black walnut hour glass with yellow cedar

    Black Walnut with Yellow Cedar Burl Inset Lid

    Black Cherry with Yellow Cedar Inset

    Classic Purpleheart Box with Cedar Burl Inlay

    Walnut Hourglass with yellow cedar burl inlay

    East Indian rosewood with cedar burl inlay

    Wenge Box with cedar burl inlay

    Walnut ringbox with offset cedar burl inlay

    Redheart Ringbox with Yellow Cedar Burl Inaly

    Cherry Box with Cedar Inlay

    Cherry hour-glass with yellow cedar inlay

    Classic walnut with yellow cedar inlay

    Walnut hourglass with yellow cedar inlay