Curly Maple Box With Inset Walnut Lid


This little box is turned from a piece of curly silver maple and features an inset lid made from black walnut. The walnut lid is thin and delicate yet fits snugly enough that the box makes a satisfying pop when opened. The underside of the lid is decorated with a ring of texturing to provide a little surprise when the box is opened. The knob is made from ebonized maple and is capped with a delicate ringed disc inside the box. The tung oil finish, which accentuates the figure in the curly maple has been buffed to a high sheen that feels as good as it looks.

Dimensions: 57 mm high x 66 mm wide

Weight: 30 g

Date Created: May 21, 2020

Status: Buy it on Etsy!

Project Type: Turned Boxes

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