Chechen (Metopium brownei)


Also known as Caribbean Rosewood, Chechen is not a true rosewood but shares many characteristics of wood from Dalbergia genus.

A moderately sized tree, growing up to 15 m in height, it is found in Central America and the Caribbean, from Mexico to Jamaica and is often available from sustainable sources.

The tree is known for causing poison ivy like reactions, but the wood is non-toxic. The wood is hard and heavy with a fine to medium texture. It is typically dark brown with wavy grain and gold and red highlights. It has a high natural lustre and finishes very well.

While it is used locally within its range for construction, it used more widely for furniture, instruments, cabinets and turnery. It is also used in boat building and occasionally sliced into veneer for panels and plywood.

Also known as:
  • Carribean Rosewood
  • Black Poisonwood

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