Stafford box in Spalted Curly Silver Maple


This classic shaped box is turned from a beautifully spalted piece of curly silver maple (Acer saccharinum) and features a delicate bead where the lid meets the base and a subtle ogee curve in the lid. The spalting in this particular piece of wood forms a distinct zone of darker, almost cherry coloured wood, that provides considerable character and interest, making it truly one of a kind. Two fine rings turned into the bottom provide a little surprise when the box is handled. The tung oil finish enhances the natural depth and shimmer of the wood, and has been buffed to a pleasant sheen, but still give it a natural wood feeling. This box is the perfect place to keep your most precious earrings, cuff links or other keepsakes.

Dimensions: 66 mm high x 79 mm wide

Weight: 48 g

Date Created: July 4, 2020


Date Sold: Dec. 23, 2020

Project Type: Turned Boxes

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