Spalted Flame Birch Stafford Box


This classic shaped box is turned from a beautiful piece of spalted yellow birch (Betula alleghaniensis) and features a delicate bead where the lid meets the base and a subtle ogee curve in the lid. The grain and spalting lines flow continuously from the lid into the base. This particular piece of birch has considerable chatoyance that makes it shimmer when viewed from different angles. Texturing has been applied to both the bottom of the box and in the inside of the lid to provide a little surprise when the box is handled or opened. A Tung oil finish enhances the natural depth and shimmer of the wood, and has been buffed to a pleasant sheen, but still gives it a natural wood feeling. This box is the perfect place to keep your most precious earrings, cuff links or other keepsakes.

Dimensions: 62 mm high x 69 mm wide

Weight: 40 g

Date Created: May 18, 2021


Date Sold: April 18, 2021

Project Type: Turned Boxes

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