Blue and Gold Spiral Paint Platter


This small decorative platter was turned from yellow birch and has a wide rim that has been decorated with pulled acrylic paint. The blue, teal and gold paint was applied to the rim by pulling a paint coated string over a black base coat produce an almost whirlpool-like effect. The back of the platter features a ogee curve and a small foot that raises the form off of the surface that it sits on. The interior of the foot has been decorated with a textured pattern to provide a little surprise to anyone who handles the bowl, and serves to illustrate that the bottom was turned with as much attention and care as the rest of the piece.

Dimensions: 37 mm high x 235 mm wide

Weight: 605 g

Date Created: Jan. 13, 2024


Project Type: Platters and Plates

Tags: paint , acrylic


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