Big Leaf Maple Burl Inset Lid Box


This simple, yet elegant round bottom box is turned from a piece of Big leaf maple burl that features a bark inclusion. The bark inclusion provides additional character to a piece of wood that already has tons of figure. The form itself is simple,letting the wood do the talking. The outside of the lid is recessed and framed by a simple bead. A chamfer decorates both sides of the seam between the lid and the base. The bottom is decorated with a couple of turned rings to provide a little extra surprise when the box is handled while a small raised medallion decorates the inside of the lid. The wood used in this box has been stablized, which means that it is considerably harder, heavier and more durable than regular big leaf maple burl, but still has all of the beauty and character. Finished with Tung oil and buffed to pleasant sheen, this box will only get better with time. The perfect place to keep your most precious earrings, cuff links or other keepsakes.

Dimensions: 61 mm high x 75 mm wide

Weight: 65 g

Date Created: July 2, 2020


Date Sold: Jan. 20, 2021

Project Type: Turned Boxes

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