Ailanthus Capsule Box


This capsule shaped box is turned from Ailanthus altissima, which also known as “Tree of Heaven”. A capsule box is subtly pleasing but the simple shape means that the form and finish must be perfect. A simple kerf, or groove decorates the seam between the lid and the base and the lid fits on the base with a light friction fit which mean if can be remove easily with both hands, but will remain in place if inadvertently knock the box over. Texturing on the bottom of the box and the inside of the lid provide a little surprise when the box is opened or handled. Finished with a oil-varnish blend, and buffed to a satin sheen, this box feels as good as it looks. The perfect place to store your most precious jewellery or keepsakes.

Dimensions: 83 mm high x 49 mm wide

Weight: 32 g

Date Created: Nov. 20, 2021


Date Sold: Oct. 21, 2022

Project Type: Turned Boxes

Tags: capsule


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