Jobillo (Astronium spp)


Also known as Gonco Alves, Tigerwood (US) and Zebrawood (UK), Jobillo is a member of the sumac family. It is a medium sized tree that is native South America, predominantly Brazil, Uruguay, and Paraguay. The name Jobillo is commonly used to for highly figured stock, most often used in turning or other decorative purposes.

The wood is moderately hard and heavy. The main colour of Jobillo is mostly russet, orange, or tan with patches of distinct black marbling or stripes that give rise to the name "Tigerwood". Not all Jobillo has the black markings - those that do not are often considered somewhat bland, and are more often referred to as Gonco Alves (although both names refer to wood from the same tree).The sapwood is grey or brownish white and is usually clearly demarcated from the heartwood. The texture of the wood is fine to medium in texture.

Gonco Alves is considered to be an attractive wood and can be polished to a glass like finish although the pores remain clearly visible if they are not filled during the finishing process. Jobillo turns well and is used for a large number of purposes include furniture and cabinets, flooring, veneer and other decorative purposes such as jewellery boxes, knife scales, and pool cues. Historically, Gonco Alves or Jobillo wood was used to make the dampers in grand pianos.

Also known as:
  • Goncalo Alves
  • Tigerwood (U.S.)
  • Zebrawood (U.K.)

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