Bloodwood (Brosimum rubescens)


Also known as satine, bloodwood is known for it bright vibrant red heartwood, although the vibrancy slowly fades to dark red overtime. Bloodwood is native to Central America and northern South America, particularly Brazil, Peru, Venezuela, French Guiana, and Panama. The tree itself is a tall rain forest tree that grows to heights of 40m.

The sapwood of blood is white and clearly demarcated from the heartwood and is usual removed before the lumber is exported. In addition to the vibrant red colour, bloodwood has excellent depth (chatoyance) when finished, often with hints of gold. The grain is typically straight to wavy and interlocking and is fine to medium in texture. the wood is very durable and finishes to a high lustre.

Bloodwood is used as construction lumber in its native range, but is most often used for specialty purposes in North America including inlay, marquetry and turning.

Also known as:
  • Satine

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