Spalted Elm Salad Bowl Set


This set of salad bowls is made from American Elm (Ulmus americana). The large bowl is 13" in diameter and"is made from a nicely spalted blank that has endless character and interest. In addition to the spalting this bowl feature two walnut butterfly patches that have been inlaid across a couple of superficial cracks that appeared during the drying process but do not effect the functionality of the bowl. The form itself is relatively simple, with a in-sloping rim that is slightly undercut to provide an additional shadow line and visual depth. The bottom of the bowl features a shallow foot that is dished out slightly so that the bowl will sit on a flat surface without rocking. The bottom of the bowl features several concentric rings that prove that the bottom was turned and finished with as much attention to detail as the rest of the bowl. The individual bowls all measure just over 7" in diameter and feature a practical, but pleasing form. Like the larger bowl, the individual serving bowls feature a turned bottom that has been decorated with concentric rings too. All of the bowls have been finished with a food safe linseed oil and beeswax finish that gives them a soft sheen that feels as good as it looks and is easy to maintain and refresh. These bowls are ready to go to work in your kitchen today, and will only get prettier with time.

Dimensions: 92 mm high x 333 mm wide

Weight: 905 g

Date Created: Nov. 5, 2022


Date Sold: Nov. 23, 2022

Project Type: Bowls

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